In my late 20’s, I learned to ski. But I was 45 when I became a ski instructor. My first two years, I trained and achieved the first two levels of certification as a ski instructor. But when I began to train for full certification, I was approaching 50. Everyone else training alongside me was in their 20’s and 30’s. I was told I was too old. I was told I could not achieve this goal because I didn’t learn to ski as a child. But I used the system in the Goal Getting Guide and achieved my full certification. It wasn’t easy all the time, but using the system helped me stay the course and do what it took. The guidance needed to get past obstacles and life getting in the way is in this Guide.

According to a Harvard Business study, only 17% of the population sets goals. And a University of Scranton study showed that only 8% of those people who set goals actually achieved them.   That means less than 1% of the population actually achieve their goals. These are not just New Year’s Resolutions, but all goals. That’s a pretty low number.

But there’s good news! Out of the over 327 million people in the United States, over 3 million people achieve their goals. You can be one of these 3 million if you decide to take the actions you need to achieve your goals.

I’m again publishing “Take On Your New Year’s Resolution Like An Athlete.” Now, this is not just another goal setting guide. This is a Goal GETTING Guide.

What makes this Goal Getting Guide different than anything else you’ll find is that it’s not just a pretty form you fill out. It alerts you to what you must do to get what you want. As I said, it’s not just about setting goals – it’s about getting them. Five key components to actually getting goals are included:

  • In one FREE COMPLETE Document, you will get everything you need to once and for all SET YOUR NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION (and any other goal) SO YOU SUCCEED!

  • Learn how to set SMART Goals that cover all the essentials for setting goals that you can and will achieve

  • Learn the 4 most common mistakes that people make when setting goals, that sabotage your ability to achieve your goals (and guidance to deal with these pitfalls so you can succeed).

  • Learn the key to assuring you have the motivation to do what it takes to get your goals.

  • Learn the one tip that makes all Goal Setting a real-life can-do must-do activity to take your personal life, your business, or your athletic desires to 100% success.

Follow this guide and implement and you will achieve your goals. This Guide models the process that high-performance athletes use to achieve their goals. You may not be trying out for the Olympics, but whatever your goals are, if you set and plan like an Olympian, you’ll make it to your big game.

If you really want that goal, get started now. About 10 days after you get your Guide, you’ll get an email that reinforces how to use the Guide and I’ll be helping you along the way for an entire year. You have nothing to lose except becoming a 2019 statistic of someone who didn’t achieve their goals.

Click Here or the photo and download your guide for 2019 and take on your New Year’s Resolution (or even a bigger goal) Like an Athlete and get it done!